Call for tasks

EJOI 2019 - Call For Tasks Guides
We are looking for tasks for EJOI 2019. You may submit your proposal till the 15th of July, 2019.
EJOI competition tasks 
EJOI tasks are basically the same as tasks in International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), which are typically focused on the design of efficient, correct algorithms. Input and output are to be kept as simple as possible.
The submission of novel tasks types not yet seen in any recent programming contests is encouraged. The guidelines of task preparations of IOI should be considered, with no restriction.
The documents about submission of IOI tasks, which can be used as reference to create the tasks, can be found at IOI 2018 website. 

To ensure a fair and interesting competition for all, tasks should satisfy the following conditions: 

  • The tasks should not have been seen by any potential EJOI 2019 contestants.
  • The tasks should not have been used in any similar competition.
  • The tasks should be solvable by EJOI competitors during an EJOI contest round.
  • The task descriptions should be unambiguous and easy to understand.
  • The tasks should be culturally neutral.
  • The tasks should be innovative.