The Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia (ZOTKS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation with more than 70year tradition of working with the youth in the fields of science and technology.
OUR VISION is a conscious society that understands and uses technology and its progress in a way that not only leads to prosperity and welfare but also ensures sustainable existence of mankind and his natural environment.
OUR MISSION is to popularise technology and science, educate and encourage innovation, creativity and research (among young people in particular); to raise awareness of the safe, economical and effective use of energy; to encourage the search for alternative resources, the care for the environment and the search for and use of contemporary technological solutions, friendly to people and nature

  • To encourage and develop innovation, technical creativity, construction and research;
  • To broaden the knowledge on modern scientific and technological achievements as well as encourage their use to ensure a sustainable development and protection of the natural environment;
  • To recognise talented young people and support as well as encourage the development of their abilities both in and outside of school;
  • To contribute to effective technological trainings of high quality for young people in schools, with the aim of providing useful knowledge for our youth;
  • To promote and popularise leisure-time activities related to different areas of technology;
  • To raise awareness among young people in order to reduce the risk factors, which young people are exposed to in the society;
  • To ensure a more appropriate status and conditions for the functioning of non-governmental organisations.


  • Young researchers (competition and promotion of research projects of young people in the fields of science and technology);
  • Knowledge competitions (in Logic/Linguistics, Computer Science, Multimedia and Photography, Chemistry, Biology, Technology; held at school, regional, state and international level);
  • Science camps and summer schools (gathering young people and letting them discover science, encouraging research activities and innovative work for further development of their abilities; 15–20 events per year);
  • Training of teachers and tutors (training courses in various areas of technology and science);
  • Agricultural activities (national and international ploughing competitions, training for farmers);
  • Other activities (organisation and cooperation in various educational and promotional exhibitions and events, international cooperation, publishing).

 Every year the above-mentioned activities attract over 50.000 children and young people as well as 5.000 scientists, teachers, tutors, and other experts.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Maribor (UM FERI) is one of the leading teaching and research institution in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Slovenia.

UM FERI provides students with knowledge based on internationally recognized scientific research work, thus enabling them to be successfully integrated within future working environments in Slovenia and/or abroad.

We aim to strengthen the positions of our internationally-recognized university education and research institutions within the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, information technology, communications, media, telecommunications and mechatronics, throughout Central Europe.

Research assumes a vital place in the activities of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Important element in the current, quality pedagogical work is following the latest events in the world and being creative and cooperative in the development of our own scientific research work.