Beekeeeping the Sunny-paradise estate

Half-day excursion for guests, August 27th, Tuesday

We will visit the Sunny-paradise estate. Estate’s hidden treasure spreads between the hills of vineyards, away from the hustle and bustle of Maribor. The farm, which has been dormant for many years, is slowly awakening and changing its image. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Mak are creating unique, outdoor classroom to bring you back to nature’s original purpose. By planting more than 10,000 seedlings of native honey plants, they have created the largest Honey Park in Slovenia. The park trees offer shelter for many animals, herbs and fragrances.

We will also experience the life of bees in the apiary through VR.

For adrenaline seekers, they are offering BEE flight Zipline, the longest Zipline in Styria which provide a slightly different experience of nature observations. Zipline BEE Flight illustrates the flight of bees from a huge hive into the forest.