Maribor guided tour and Unlock Maribor

Maribor guided tour and Unlock Maribor, August 25th, Sunday afternoon

Since Maribor is going to host our Olympiad, a guided tour is a must-go-to to get to know the city.

You will be acquainted with the city's key sights and points of interest in the field of history, art, cultural and social life. The route will be highlighted with stories from medieval streets and tiny flowers, which may otherwise have gone undetected. We will also visit The Old Vine House, where the oldest vine in the world still grows. The confirmed age of this vine is over 400 years, which won it a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest noble vine in the world still bearing grapes. The Old Vine is a symbol of the rich wine culture of Maribor, Styria, and all of Slovenia.


The contestants will explore Maribor with a helpof a unique adventure that takes place entirely outdoors, in the streets of the old town centre of Maribor, in which through solving riddles and puzzles you’ll learn little-known secrets of the city, discover surprises and have great fun!

Your mission: Break the spell over Maribor!

Maribor witches were known for “cooking up hail storms”. Their spells could trigger violent storms that could completely devastate the city. A descendant of witch Agata has found a book of magic spells and by accident has cast a terrible storm. Black clouds – darker than ever seen before – are approaching Maribor! The only thing that can save you is to brew a magic potion that will nullify the evil spell. You will have to find the six secret ingredients in the city, with the help of the witch hunters’ locked book.

Don’t delay! Go quickly on your way! You have only 60 minutes before the thundering hail and lightning come and destroy the city!