Pohorje mountain excursion with a cableway

Half-day excursion, August 28th, Wednesday

We will take a cableway to visit Pohorje, a mountain range that rises above the town of Maribor and from there extends to the west. It is a beautiful natural green oasis with countless opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

Pohorje’s landscape is decorated by various natural attractions, such as, peat bogs and lakes, waterfalls and a primeval forest. There are many hiking and biking trails that crisscross this beautiful scenery. To ensure that one’s adrenaline will continue to flow there is an adventure park, summer toboggans, and a mountain bike - bike park. In winter, of course, there are a number of activities that are available on the snow. In the winter, Maribor Pohorje is transformed into one of the largest ski resorts in Slovenia, where Golden Fox ski competition took place every year.